What computer monitoring software is best suited for me?

It depends on your target. If your task is to analyze and improve the efficiency of your employees, EfMax is better to you.

If you want to get 100% control, monitoring and block certain activities/resources of your staff, prevent theft of the confidential data, Eminspector is the very tool for you.

And finally, there is our latest product CSecurity, a powerful detecting tool. It can be helpful in case of unlawful entry into your office. Meanwhile, we recommend buying a complete package of our products to achieve 100% effect for your business.

ATTENTION! Now we have a Special Offer - the complete software package for the price of one program. So the choice matter is non-topical.

What is a number of licenses for your programs I need to buy?

You require a general license for all computers you are going to control by means of software developed by Emplomax. The license includes all the computers with the installed Agent Modules. For example, if you want to use the program to control 10 computers, your company should purchase a license for 10 computers. The license price depends on the number. On the sales page indicate the required number of computers you want to control by means of our programs and purchase the general license.

What happens after the purchase of your software?

Upon payment, you will get the download link for the program and the license key that enables monitoring of the certain number of computers (you indicate the precise number before the purchase). The process can take up to 12 hours. The license data is delivered by email. Upon receiving your license key you can activate it in the program (at once after installation if required).

What profit could the monitoring generate for my company?

We cooperate with customers who increased their profits by hundreds of thousands of dollars when they have improved performance of the employees. By means of EfMax or EmInspector, you can find out and rectify a loafer in your company you will feel sufficient additions by hundreds of thousands of dollars. After all, our programs enable to prevent theft of sensitive information and meet the challenge of insider threat. It can also ensure your company against unbudgeted expenses. Apart from the above mentioned we developed CSecurity, a program capable of protecting the property of your company against physical theft.

Is it legal to monitor my employees?

Yes, it is legal in the most countries around the world to monitor workflow in the own company. Why not? Though, we are not in a position to know all the details of your local jurisdiction and recommend consulting a local lawyer if you have any doubt. We know for sure that keeping track of staff activities to prevent theft of intellectual property, fraud harassment and other hazards for the company becomes a usual practice for companies and enterprises.