CSecurity: video monitoring and safety in your company.

We have developed CSecurity, a program for video monitoring that executes video surveillance in office, warehouse, shop and residential premises. Involvement of the program enables to keep control of the proceedings in the office using software features. The key features are video recording, snapshotting, movement detection within view of cameras, scheduled monitoring function and administrative messages.

The program uses user-friendly interface combining easy setting and operation even if you have no similar experience. CSecurity can work with Web and IP cameras equally.

Do you suspect that your employees are careless towards their duties? Install CSecurity and record events in your office by means of the Web and IP cameras; connect to cameras through a web interface from around the world to be up to speed on the situation.

Would you like to improve security level in your company? Activate movement detection function and the program will take charge of premises supervision.

Final security system even with a single webcam

What is the sense of expensive DVR systems with complicated settings and installation, if the computer could be used as a security system?

As yet you have no IP cameras the program allows using a regular webcam connected to the computer as a surveillance camera.

Discover new perspective for IP cameras

No standard built-in solution for IP camera provides a half of the features CSecurity is capable to. The reason for this is that an IP camera on its own has significantly limited calculation capacity. CSecurity in its turn uses the full tech strength of the computer. It allows breaking absolutely new ground of IP camera application.

Remote surveillance by means of any device

CSecurity is installed on a computer with Windows operating system. But access to video obtained from surveillance cameras is possible from any device with internet connection. So even if you are in another part of the world, you can see what is taken place in your office or at home.

On to 64 cameras simultaneous operation support

The program is compatible with hundred models of IP cameras, and with almost all web-cameras. It has automatic settings with your cameras.

If the camera is within the local area network CSecurity can find and connect it automatically. If the IP camera is available only on the Internet (for example, CSecurity runs a home computer, and IP camera is located in your office), you need to select the camera model from the list, and enter the IP address of the camera.

  • On to 64 cameras support provides supervision at the facilities of any size;
  • The most models of IP and web cameras compatibility.
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Program movement sensor

Movement detecting mechanism of the program enables applying CSecurity to protect premises against intrusions. Detecting movement in the video monitoring area the program makes a series of shots and switch on the warning horn. CSecurity notifies you of the incident sending a message to your email and attaching snapshots to the letter. In addition, the program sends SMS to your mobile phone.

  • Configuration of the movement sensor that protects against false alerts.
  • Automatic video recording and snapshots upon actuation of the movement sensor;
  • Email and SMS notifications in case of emergency.
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Surveillance cameras recording

CSecurity enables recording video of the selected cameras preserving the data on your computer or in the cloud. You can view the captured video at any time also by means of the built-in CSecurity media player. Thus, you always know exactly what is happening in the premises in a time of your absence.

  • Video recording during a day allows you to control the situation in the office or at home;
  • Effective encoder combining minimal loss of image quality with a file of small size;
  • Built-in media player with playback speed control.
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Video recording and monitoring scheduling

The program has a task scheduler providing the first thing as a video recording scheduling for the definite days of the week or certain dates and the second one is the opportunity of the same monitoring scheduling.

There is an example of the program configuration:
1) Movement detection in the offices of the company is set on weekdays at night and twenty-four hours on weekends.

2) Video recording starts with the working day beginning when employees come to the work and finishes in the evening.

You can choose individual settings of the task scheduler for the certain dates.

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Remote access: monitoring from any point of the world

The program enables entering it via the Internet to view live video flow from the surveillance cameras. No matter where you are now, you need just to open a browser, visit a specific IP address and enter your login and password. You will get access to the video images from the surveillance app camera (both IP and web cameras).

On the top of everything else, the program has an absolutely unique function of remote operation by means of SMS commands. Send SMS of the certain format to the indicated number, and CSecurity will receive command and execute it! In such a way you can remotely start/finish monitoring, check the status of the cameras, make shots, and so on.

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Control staff and keep track of the activities

Do you suspect that your employees are careless towards their duties? Install CSecurity and record events in your office by means Web and IP cameras. You will see the real staff activities in the office while you are absent. The recorded video can be also used as evidence in the investigation of various incidents.

Ensure company security

There are not only inner threats for a company. Penetration of unauthorized persons to the company area is one of the most common causes of financial and material losses. By movement detection, video recording and snapshotting functions CSecurity sufficiently enhances safety level in the company.

Use CSecurity at home

Your apartment requires defense as much as your company! Even if you have no IP camera at home, you can still take full advantage of CSecurity. You only need to add a webcam connected to your computer to the program in the function of a surveillance camera. And thus, your home security system is ready to use! Additionally, CSecurity can be used for children supervision while you are absent.

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Does your choice lie between EfMax, a system of staff performance improvement, EmInspector, an insider threat monitoring software, and CSecurity, a video monitoring application?

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System requirements of CSecurity software

Before installation, please make sure your computer is corresponding the following minimum requirements:

Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.
Support of 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems
Free hard drive space: 1 Gb