EfMax: maximum efficiency of your staff.

EfMax is software to monitor your employees, to keep automated tracking of time input and improve staff performance.

The program calculates the time that an employee gives to professional applications and websites and time that an employee spends for useless resources as social network or games. Based on the statistics the employee activity is assessed according to three categories: “effective”, “ineffective” and “neutral” performance time. Besides, violation of labor discipline including tardiness and absence from the workplace is also tracked.

EfMax implementation sufficiently improves the performance of your staff in line with the employees’ understanding that you know all their real working time expenditures.

User activities monitoring

Agent programs are installed on the employees’ computers in local area network of your company. Afterward, agents start to keep track of users activities online and offline, calculate the time that an employee gives to applications and websites, taking into account inactivity time and tardiness.

Centralized collection and view of the statistics

Agent programs running on the employees’ computers regularly create and save reports in network shared (hidden) folder. Admin module where a director works automatically downloads these reports, processes, and presents in view of tables, diagrams, and schedules.

Automatic messages regarding work achievements

Twice a day EfMax generates list of the most and the less effective employees as well as late and absent employees list. Then, the program displays desktop alerts on director’s computer screen proposing to get acquainted with the results. In such a way, the director doesn’t have to remember of EfMax and be destructed to diagram view.

Employee Performance Tracking: who really works?

EfMax enables to know the percentage of the time your employees spend on the performance of official duties, and the time they waste on social networks, games, Skype chats and so on. Upon analyzing the obtained reports, you could reveal staff loafers and employees who are thorough in their works.

  • Individual statistics and overall effectiveness of employee groups;
  • Comparison of employees to their performances;
  • Certain date or time period statistics.
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Start and end of work logging: who is late?

The program records labor discipline violation including tardiness, permanent absence from the workplace, and early leave for home. The labor discipline is to be sufficiently improved when the employees would receive these obvious reports.

  • Tardiness, absenteeism and permanent absence logging;
  • Early leave for home logging;
  • In the case of permanent absence, the employee has to indicate the reason for the absence in the program;
  • EfMax supports two types of work schedule: fixed and flextime.
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The most frequently used programs and websites detection

Are you sure that your staff uses only work-oriented applications and visit useful websites? EfMax provides you with statistics on the most used applications and web resources. In such a way, you can restrict access or fully prohibit usage of unproductive sites and programs.

  • Programs and websites usage diagram;
  • Certain date and time period statistics;
  • A selected group of employees (department) statistics.
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Can an employee be efficient if absent from the workplace?

The program enables to determine whether the employee worked or not, when was absence from the workplace, or how long was inactive. Most time-trackers do not take into account inactivity time of a user defining it as ineffective one. But what if an employee does paperwork, scrutinize professional literature, or consult with his colleagues about the project matter?

EfMax is the only program of the market capable of interpreting such situations correctly. It has become possible due to user response system. The program can also make shots of office rooms by means of cameras, record the sound of a microphone. It enables correct classification of inactive time of an employee.

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Interactive way to motivate your staff

The employee productivity is improved by means of a settable system of automatic distribution of messages that include work performance statistics. Working carefully a person gets an encouraging message indicating the percentage of the productive time. Being idle most of the day an employee also receives a message on your behalf.

Besides, EfMax substitutes the screen saver on user’s computer for a time based historical graph of productivity.

The carrot and stick approach that the program uses instead of you results in a situation that your employees will give one hundred percent. After all, it will definitely lead to the growth of company profit.

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Private workspace will not be disturbed

EfMax unlike EmInspector doesn’t track keyboarded text or correspondence of users or make screen shots. It collects statistics on the used applications and sites. Even these data available in the reports involves statistics on a group of the employees but not a certain person.
Besides, EfMax does not hide its presence on the users' computers.

Affordable interruptions in staff work

Unlike EmInspector, the program has no function restricting or blocking websites and applications. Your staff still affords interruptions for the Internet chats and news. Rest is necessary; the productivity would not be increased without it.
The only thing is that the employees will not be able to abuse your confidence due to the control of EfMax!

Reports stay within the LAN borders

Some time-trackers keep the collected data in the clouds. How you think is it a good idea to store the corporate information at hands of the third parties?

EfMax keeps all the collected data and reports strictly within the network of your company. In addition, it is not necessary to have a separate server!

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EfMax System Requirements

This software consists of the Admin Module and Agents. Admin Module is a program installed on the computer of the director or another person who is to operate EfMax. Agents are the programs installed on the computers of employees, and keep records of applications and web sites activities.

Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.
32-bit and 64-bit operating systems support.
Depending on a computers number with the installed agents and applied monitoring options the minimal free disk space is to be 2GB.
TCP/IP local network that connects your computer and the computers of employees.