EmInspector: employee monitoring software.

The software suite EmInspector helps to deal with the data secure matter in your company. Using the suite you are able to monitor employee activity, prevent insider threats, investigate incidents, improve staff performance, and optimize work schedules.

Features include a monitoring of text typed on the keyboard, email correspondences, social network and IM activity, tracking of launched applications and visited websites. There is a control of potential data leakage channels as documents printed by a user, data copied to the USB devices, files uploading to the Internet. The real-time monitoring enables to start watching a video of desktops and web cameras of the employees.

Are you sure that your employees use company’s resources for its benefit and do not copy corporate data for your competitors? EmInspector helps to organize employee computer monitoring and control over the staff activities in real time.

Indisputable proof in your hands

EmInspector, an employee tracking software, keeps an automatic record of a user work on a computer. It draws a report that could be used in judicial proceedings if necessary.

System centralized management

EmInspector consists of the admin panel and agent programs that are installed in the background on the computers of the network users. Agents conduct secure monitoring and are centralized managed by the admin panel

Absolute safety of your data

The program keeps all reports strictly within the network of your company, which are available only to you. Besides, the report files are securely encoded so you don’t need to worry about data safety.

Keyboarded text and correspondence monitoring

EmInspector features keylogger function that allows you to get reports containing all the texts keyboarded by the users. Thereby, you are aware of messages a user sent in the Internet chats and emails. In addition, the program records clipboard changes, retaining in the reports the text that user copied.

  • Record of the text keyboarded by the user;
  • The copied text monitoring;
  • Languages support, including English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, etc.
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Used applications monitoring

EmInspector monitors the applications running on the user’s computer. The program shows the following information regarding applications: process pathname, application name and startup time. The information is kept for further analysis.

Using these functions the employer gets a complete picture of every employee activity. The detailed report for every employee work time shows statistic data on working time usage. Data analysis on running processes and applications enables to find out which of them were used for work-related purposes and which were just for entertainment and had no relation to the working process.

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Visited websites and social networks monitoring

EmInspector enables you to keep track of websites visited by the employees. URL-address, page header, time of visit and the activity on the page are available to review. EmInspector supports all browsers, including Google Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefoх. The information is kept for the further analysis.

  • Visited websites monitoring;
  • Social networks activity monitoring (Facebook, Twitter, VK, LinkedIn, etc.);
  • Statistics on the most visited websites.
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Restrictions and prohibitions of software and websites use

This employee control software allows you to restrict or completely prohibit the use of the particular applications and websites. For example, you can prohibit launch games, social networks, YouTube watching.

You just need to add the program name or website domain to the blacklist in the settings. Instead of the exact address, you can also indicate a key phrase, appearing of which in the header of the active window or browser results in the automatic window close.

  • Entertainment and malicious software, and web resources blocking capability;
  • Capability to specify time periods when restrictions are removed. For example, a lunch and off the clock periods of time.
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Control of print, USB devices, and other data leakage channels

In recent years the statistics indicate that the main channels of the sensitive information leakage are the Internet, paper documents, and removable media. EmInspector enables easy control over the mentioned data communication channels, submitting the collected information in a report.

  • Copying to removable media monitoring;
  • Monitoring of documents that a user sends for printing;
  • Keep track of files that employees share through the Internet, by e-mail, via the cloud services and file sharing sites, by means of IM and social networks.
  • Full lock capability for copying to the USB devices.
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Active counter the insider threats

Compared to the competitors, EmInspector enables not only to investigate the confidential information theft committed by the employees, but also to counter it actively. The program has a custom auto-lock system that blocks a user computer where suspicious activity is detected.

You can indicate several key phrases and receive instant messages when these phrases are found in the typed texts, chats, window headers.

When the message receipt the program enables to watch a video of the user's desktop in real-time, see the steps to be taken. Assessing the degree of threat, you can “one-click” lock the employee’s computer. As stated before, it can be done automatically.

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Real-time staff monitoring

The great virtue of EmInspector is the ability to monitor employee computer in real time. At any moment you can start watching remote desktop, connect to a web camera or microphone installed on the employee’s computer.

  • Remote desktop view: you can see what your employees do at the same moment, and what programs or sites they use.
  • Connect via web-camera or the IP camera to keep track of the staff in the office.
  • Connection to the microphone installed on the employee’s computer enables to monitor conversations in the office.
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Other useful monitoring functions

EmInspector feasibilities are not limited to the above-listed monitoring functions. On top of everything else, the agents record the following user actions:

  • File Operations in the particular folders. You obtain reports on creation, renaming and deleting files operations.
  • Skype and other IM chats: all messages sent and received by the user (both correspondence sides) are available to you.
  • Screenshots, IP and web cameras records made at regular intervals and even short microphone recordings!
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Employee performance statistics

The agents running on the users' computers also collect statistics on the used applications and the visited websites. As a result, you become aware of hours number that the employees give to the performance of professional duties and to communications on Facebook or watching YouTube video during a day.

  • Statistics on frequently used programs and the most visited websites;
  • Daily and time period statistics;
  • Message in the case of tardiness or permanent absence from the workplace.
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Quick setup on the computers in the LAN

EmInspector offers 4 different ways to setup the agent programs on the computers of your employees in LAN. At that, the program requires no additional installations as databases. In addition, it is not necessary to have a separate server in the network.

The program is absolutely invisible to the staff

Agent programs running on the employees’ computers have no visual interface and are completely hidden from the user's view. The general directories where the agents save the drawn reports are also invisible. In such a way, your staff will not even guess of the monitoring.

Reports stay within the LAN borders

Some programs developed by our competitors keep the collected data in the cloud. How you think is it a good idea to store the corporate information at hands of the third parties?
The staff monitoring software EmInspector keeps all the collected data and reports strictly within the network of your company.

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EmInspector System Requirements

This software consists of the Admin Module and Agents. Admin Module is a program installed on the computer of the director or another person who is to operate EmInspector. Agents are the programs installed on the computers of employees, and keep records of applications and web sites activities.

Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.
32-bit and 64-bit operating systems support.
Depending on a computers number with the installed agents and applied monitoring options the minimal free disk space is to be 2GB.
TCP/IP local network that connects your computer and the computers of employees.