Emplomax is committed to developing strong partnerships with IT companies, HR experts, and value-added resellers to deliver employee monitoring solutions that meet customers’ needs.

The Emplomax Reseller Program was created to recognize mutually beneficial business opportunities through associating with technology companies and delivering employee monitoring and time tracking solutions to clients.

We are looking to form strategic relationships with IT infrastructure providers located around the world.

As a reseller, you can order software online quickly on the publisher's website with discount, then resale it to your customers for a full price.

Here's how it works:
1) You find out the number of required licenses (computers) from the customer first;
2) You collect the payment from your customer for the full price;
3) You order the license from us for a discounted price, using your personal discount code (70%) during the order process;
4) We create the licenses on our server, and send out the information to you by e-mail. We can also send a copy directly to your customer, this will save your time. All you need is to send us the customer's email. The license will be delivered within 5 hours or faster.
5) You deliver licenses to your customer.

It is permissible that you collect the payment from your customer AFTER you buy licenses from us. But anyway you must find out the number of required licenses from the customer first.

Recommended prices for Emplomax products are in the "Purchase programs" section. The recommended price for Emplomax Suite is $39 per computer.
The sale of Emplomax products should be carried out at prices not lower than those specified on our website. In the case of a decrease in the cost of the product that is not agreed with Emplomax when sold to the end user, Emplomax does not guarantee the delivery of the products.

Your customers require a license for all computers they want to control by means of software developed by Emplomax. The license includes all the computers with the installed Agent Modules. For example, if your customer wants to use the program to control 10 computers, the company should purchase a license for 10 computers.

Upon payment of the license, you will get 3 registration keys: one for each program (EfMax, EmInspector, and CSecurity). Each key is unique and allows working in programs with the indicated number of Agent Modules.

Note: This rule excludes CSecurity. You receive an unlimited license regardless of the number of computers.

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Please, conact us at In your email, please provide information about your company's type of business, how long are you in business, your plans regarding our software and how you are going to market it?
Describe your company's experience with reselling other software solutions, and security software in particular.
Did you have a chance to download and install a free trial or a licensed version of our monitoring software?
In what country does your company conduct business?
How many employees does your company have?
What type of customers are you dealing with mostly: consumers, small/medium businesses, etc.?

We will review your request, and if we have no questions you will receive your personal 70% discount coupon code, and promotional materials.
If needed, you can make a language pack of your local language for our software. We will send you instructions on how to add new languages to our products with ease.