Melissa Fray
Owner of the web design studio

Time Tracking Automated System sufficiently enables to improve labor performance. Using EfMax it is possible to monitor time input of the staff: time to the direct duties and private interests. Keeping in minds that I know all the data regarding the working time expenditures the company employees completely focused on work process instead of games and social networks.

Sam Cortys
Head of Security Department

Since we have implemented EmInspector I feel secure about corporate data leakage threat because I have a possibility to monitor the activity of each employee or an entire department in a whole. Conversations, correspondence, file operations are accessible to me. Besides, now I’m absolutely sure that every employee of our company performs the direct duties avoiding distraction to unrelated activities.

Ammy Black
Director of Translation Agency.

CSecurity, a video monitoring program, enables to control all the events owing to several cameras located in different places in the office. Since we have installed the program, I become aware of all tardiness and activity of every employee during the work process. I must note that the idleness cases are dropped off as well as work schedule negligence. Now we see the tendency toward an increase in labor productivity.